New Zealand Institute of Mathematics & its Applications (NZIMA)

2006 Programmes

Geometric Methods in the Topology of 3-Dimensional Manifolds

Programme theme: The central themse of this programme will be 3-dimensional manifolds and especially the recent progress resulting from the use of geometry. We will focus especially on the techniques and consequences of recent work on the geometrisation conjecture.

Programme directors: Professor David Gauld (University of Auckland), Dr Roger Fenn (University of Sussex), and Professor Vaughan Jones (University of Auckland and University of California Berkeley)

Programme committee:

  • Prof. Cameron Gordon, University of Texas at Austin
  • Prof. Mary Ellen Rudin, University of Wisconsin

    Workshop details: A meeting will be held (as the NZRMI summer meeting) in Taipa, Northland, the week 8-15 January 2006. The meeting will consist of a preliminary workshop in which the necessary tools for the understanding of the recent work on the Poincare conjecture by Perelman will be developed. Subsequently more specialised lectures will be given by invited researchers. Further information is available on the conference website.

    Partial Differential Equations: Applications, Analysis and Inverse Problems

    Programme theme: This programme will focus on the theory and application of structure-preserving model reduction of finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional systems, and the inverse problem on these systems. We are particularly keen to foster interaction between the theory of explicit reductions of partial differential equations and the applied inverse problem.

    More infomation can be found on the programme website.

    Programme directors: Dr Colin Fox (University of Auckland), Dr Mike O'Sullivan (University of Auckland), Professor Boris Pavlov (University of Auckland)

    Workshop details: A meeting will be held 8-13 January 2007, at Waitangi. Please see the website for further information.

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