New Zealand Institute of Mathematics & its Applications (NZIMA)

2003 Programmes

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  • Modelling Cellular Function
  • Numerical Methods for Evolutionary Problems

    Modelling Cellular Function

    Programme theme: Characterising, simulating, and elucidating the mechanisms of cell function through the use of analytic and computational mathematical models. This program aims to integrate spatial-temporal scales and biological function in the hierarchy of cellular models, which will ultimately be required to link genomics with clinical medicine.

    Programme director: Dr Nicolas Smith (University of Auckland)

    Programme committee:

  • Professor Peter Hunter, University of Auckland
  • Professor James Sneyd, University of Auckland
  • Associate Professor Andrew Pullan, University of Auckland
  • Dr Poul Neilsen, University of Auckland

    Workshop details: The Modelling Cellular Function workshop took place in Auckland from the 14th to the 18th of July 2003. Further information on the workshop can be found on the website, Modelling Cellular Function.

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    Numerical Methods for Evolutionary Problems

    Programme theme: Evolutionary problems include ordinary differential equations, delay differential equations and differential-algebraic equations. Although traditional numerical methods for these problems are well established, more general methods that are capable of more efficient performance now exist. Furthermore, problems that evolve on manifolds need special numerical methods encompassed within the geometric integration framework.

    Programme director: Professor John Butcher (University of Auckland)

    Programme committee:

  • Dr Robert Chan, University of Auckland
  • Dr Allison Heard, University of Auckland
  • Professor Robert McLachlan, Massey University

    Workshop details: The Numerical Methods for Evolutionary Problems workshop took place at the University of Auckland during the week 14 July to 18 July 2003.

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